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恋のシグナル - aqua - ch 02: New Encounters, Past Memories

It's saturday it's time for JUMP fanfiction 恋のシグナル - aqua - (Koi no Signal - Aqua -)
in collaboration with my sister we decide to divide the posting.

Enjoy, if you love the story, share it, like it or leave a comment ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦

Preview CH 02 : New Encounters, Past Memories
Asano Mayu encounters someone that makes her fall in love at first sight, someone so gentle, kind yet mysterious. 
Sanada Tsubaki has to face the reality that she's in the same class as her ex-boyfriend now.
Most The male students of Kitagawa seems to hate with the presence of Fujiwara students in their school, will Mayu and Tsubaki be alright, see their new school life as the only female students and will they interact with Kitagawa's elite Council Board, the KitaCoun. 

Friday, 29 July 2016

Hey! Say! JUMP DEAR. LIVE Tour 2016 Concert Setlist

Hey! Say! JUMP DEAR. LIVE Tour 2016
【Concert Setlist】

Opening Movie
RUN de Boo!
Kimi Attraction
Viva!9’s SOUL
Speed it Up
Party Monster
Konya Anata wo Kudokimasu
Ai no Shubiduba
We are Otoko no Ko
Wo I Need You


My Girl
Boku to Keito
Tasty U
Ride With Me
Kirakira Hikare
Come On A My House
Asu E no YELL

Magic Power

setlist credit youkina_SMILE

Masquerade art by JUMP-infinity

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hey!Say!JUMP Live Tour 2016 DEAR Started!!

pictures credit to Hey Say JUMP World

Tobbiko tachi that will watch this Concerts, have fun, be polite, follow rules. Remember that JUMP dislike fans that doesnt follow rules or has bad manners. Control your emotions, no matter how happy you are, how excited you are, stay calm or JUMP will be very sad. If you're behaving nicely, JUMP will be happy, if JUMP happy everyone will too. Happiness is contagious, if you really love them, you know well how to be a good tobikko that JUMP loves dearly :) XOXO

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hey! Say!JUMP Live Tour DEAR Goodies

credit to rumiv6

credit to rensoratoayr
What a beautiful shaped penlight, though I still prefer the JUMPing Carnival Penlight since it was colorful and has a fun shape. But this penlight is actually really pretty it has that Venice feeling to it mysterious yet exciting, but somehow it looks fragile...maybe I should order it too to see it for myself reasons just say you want it! ^^;;

credit to xxxworld_nn

This year Uchiwa is really nice too, I usually not a fan of fan hehehe, I mean not a fan of uchiwa except those with traditional pattern but these uchiwa I think I want one, okay two...maybe four hahaha. Anyway they look attractive here, like a group of gentleman ready to waltz with you at the Ballroom and makes everyone envies at you...daydreaming....

As everyone knows the DEAR Live Tour 2016 goods actually already open for PO since few weeks ago, but surely it feels different when you receive it as you visit and watch the concert live. A fellow tobikko sharing these pictures are attending the Live Tour, I hope she can send my love and regret for unable to watch JUMP this year, maybe next year and year after that finger cross TT_TT

Googling Hey! Say! JUMP - SEVEN Edition

If you try to put Hey!Say!JUMP names on Google search engine, this is what it will recommend:

1. Yamada Ryosuke 山田涼介
 A charming cutie that likes to cook, you got an arrow straight to my heart <3 Look at that adorable smile... it takes my tiredness away~

2. Nakajima Yuto 中島裕翔
People loves to see his pictures huh, well its obvious why, right *wink

3. Chinen Yuri 知念侑李 
Sadly, this is not what I want to see, well one thing you should know Chinen, we love you so much you wont even notice that you have haters. *hug tightly

4. Okamoto Keito 岡本圭人
I wonder if some people wondering about his english skill, they should watch School Kakumei.

Where's the rest members you ask? oh you mean BEST right, well we do collaboration entry with a fellow tobikko, so check her out for BEST part, get it BEST part? heheheh

BEST Google search part

AriYama at Masquerade Making

Like usual JUMP likes to play around at the filming set, and one duo who likes to goof about is this duo, AriYama. Yamachan in fierce mode is... something right, I cant even find the right word to describe him hahahaha my brain went blank. Even Daichan got speechless being cornered like that honestly Daichan you're the senpai do something!
But that slap ruin the good mood, look at Daichan's expression LOL 
He was like saying "What the-??!!" and got totally confuse.

Hey!Say!JUMP New Album DEAR

Congratz to Hey!Say!JUMP, today they're officially releasing the new album DEAR! I hope my love can climb the mountain and cross the ocean to you guys, so, so happy for your new album. 
some lucky fans has got their copy from weiboo and twitter few days before the official sale, lucky you XD 
The PV of Masquerade seems to be around the internet if you look hard but its actually consider as an illegal uploading at the moment and dont forget that Johnny's watching us, so even if you find it be very, very careful LOL 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Hey!Say!JUMP New Album DEAR Road to Release #1

Meanwhile in Japan...

the local music stores has decorated their spaces with Hey!Say!JUMP new Album's banner, if only my local music stores has it too...

Just a day away from the official Release, and just for information after a rumor that has been going on about the cancellation on "tonikaku takaii" unit's PV it seems it has been cleared that Mr. Flawless will have a PV! It will be a draw lots from the code on DEAR album, limited to 10.000 people!!! Who ever the lucky tobikko, please, please share that PV with me, onegaiiiiiiiiii~

pictures credit to Hey Say JUMP World

Japanese Food -Omurice-

I present you the best Omurice in the world!!!

video credit to INSIDER FOOD

Omurice or オムライス are one of Japanese-western influenced cuisine, yet today it becomes something that is very Japanese, from home-made cuisine to exclusive west dinning restaurant around Japan have this menu. Omu or Omelette and rice the name alone explains everything so its omelette over usually friend rice. The picture I posted are Omurice made by a restaurant in Kyoto, Yoshokuya Eat, Eat. declared as world most delicious omurice, once the chef slice the omelette open on top of the omelette he will pour a sauce made of wagyu beef, how is that even possible... I love omelette and I love beef... the chef is such a genius XD 
And I know one Hey!Say!JUMP member who are in love with omurice... yes! its Daichan! I wonder if he ever taste this, I sure love to see his expression as he eat this!

Okay I think I know what kinda face he'll make... like Itadaki High Jump episode 45 where all the members of JUMP doing a challenge to guess the price of lunch set in an expensive restaurant. Daiki make that face when omurice was mentioned, oh Daichan XD

Itadaki High JUMP pictures credit to

Monday, 25 July 2016


I dont know exactly when this happening but obviously is recently as part of FNS 27 hours!!
The full video can be found on Youtube, am making gif just at their coolest moment XD
So glad that they make it and everyone looks so cool even Inoochan that usually hates to move his body, So proud of you guys, lots and lots of virtual hugs from me XOXO

video upload credit to Ryosuke Yamada Philippines Fans Club

Hey!Say!JUMP New Album DEAR Road to Release #2

Credit to jump_dj0415 and Hey Say JUMP World

in just 2 more days Hey!Say!JUMP will release their newest album DEAR, I'm sure most of tobikko has been waiting for this just like me, Yey!!! Here I attached four lyrics to the unit songs of Chinen Yuri - Okamoto Keito's Boku to Keito, tonikaku takaii unit Yabu Kota - Nakajima Yuto - Takaki Yuya's Mr. Flawless, Arioka Daiki - Yamada Ryosuke's My Girl my favorite one, yey!!and last but not least Yaotome Hikaru - Inoo Kei Combi's Konya Anata o Kudokimasu. the preview for the songs can be found on youtube so go ahead and check it out guys, I cant wait to the full version and sing my heart she's my girl~

Saturday, 23 July 2016

恋のシグナル - aqua - ch 01: The Unexpected Reunion

It was a sunny and warm days at the very beginning of new semester. Sanada Tsubaki, 16 years old just gets up from her sleep and went straight to her kitchen. 
“good morning father.” She greets formally as an old man, grey haired with a simple moustache and beard walks in both hands hidden inside his kimono sleeves. 
Sanada Masayuki sits down and opens the news paper placed on the table, arrived early this morning. 
“oh, what a good way to starts morning with a nice scent of coffee.” Another man who looks mature walks in soon afterwards, he has a gentle kind eyes. Went to the kitchen and peek from Tsubaki’s shoulder.
“oh, looks good.” He smiles after seeing today’s breakfast being cook. 
“ah! You shouldn’t just take food out of the pan!” Tsubaki turns as another grown-up man just deliberately took a piece of food from her frying pan. 
“Oh, this is good, I want more. Ack! Oh geez Tsubaki don’t slap your brother’s hand.” This loud, tall and muscular looking man rubs the back of his hand, Tsubaki gives him quite the slap and now he feels slightly stinging feeling. 
The other man, who looks older and gentler, laughs amusedly while helping Tsubaki preparing the breakfast. 
The four Sanadas sit on the table, clap their hand together and bow before bring their chopsticks to their food. 
“today is your first day in second grade.” The gentle looking man starting first.
“yes it is.” Tsubaki just smiles with a faint nod. “thank you for coming all the way to Shonan, Nobue nii. I really think you shouldn’t go through such trouble just to celebrate my second year in high school.”
“the first day of your first, second and last year of high school, I wont miss it for the world.” 
“true, we got to make sure our precious lil sister will be treat it with respect.” Now the muscular looking man joins the conversation with a strong note.
“I think that’s unnecessary.” Tsubaki’s frowning her brows. “and Yukito-nii just what exactly you mean to treat with respect? We’re not living in Sengoku era anymore.” 
“well, both me and Nobue are just worry Tsubaki.”
“both of us are far from you now.” Nobue nods agreeing his younger brother statement.
“I know that brothers, that is why I’m enrolling in female private school, so you don’t have anything to be concern.”
“how was Nakajima?” Nobue who sits next to his father asks, face curious.
“…” Tsubaki movement come to a halt at the name, she quickly regains her composure and smile calmly. “he’s doing great, Kitagawa High is a renowned boys school. I believe he did his best to get his dream too.”

Friday, 22 July 2016

Long Lost Brothers?! #1

collage picture credit to

Masuda Takahisa age 30 and Arioka Daiki age 25, no matter how I look at them they look like each other, a lot ^^. Maybe a long lost siblings? hehehehe, They both so adorably cute but I honestly like Massu best, he's just so, so cute. Daiki has this manly side of him but Massu is just purely cute!
I really, really hope they would work together as brothers in a drama, that would be like having extra cherry on my sundae, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt!!!!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Itadaki High JUMP 2015.09.02

Any of you remember this episode? Itadaki High JUMP aired on 2015.09.02 where the staff-san "bullying" Yamachan. Early at 5:30 Yamachan and Yabuchi called to Fuji TV studio.
The issue was called Summer's Special Inspection, Yamada will decide the scariest suspension bridge!
In Japan generally there are more than 1400 bridges, some of those are well known for its thrill even among tourists. 
And staff san thinks the best way to experience thrill is if the one try it are the one who scares of height the most, staff san... you guys such evil.
The appearances, height and experiences will be the criteria to judge it. The bridge given the highest score by Yamachan is the winner and declare to be the scariest bridge! is it really important? -_-;;
though I feel sorry for someone with acrophobia to get through this, since my mom has it too, so I know how scary it would be, I found this episode very hilarious. Why? well firstly it was to what Yabuchi did to encourage Yamachan from wearing wigs and carrying uchiha pretending to be a tobikko named Catherine, he even named her... to giving Yamachan favorite chilly shrimp and dont forget the life jacket too, though at the last bridge he forgot to puts it on Yamachan and decides to walk the bridge, making the bridge bouncing up and down then handed the life jacket to Yamachan...making yamachan cursing him LOL
And lastly the best part was... Yamachan's expressions..., so sorry Yamachan but... I enjoyed the fear and shock look on your face LOL.

itadaki high JUMP english translation credit to 10-JUMP

Monday, 18 July 2016

Yes! - 怪盗y-ELLOW-voice


- Hika was like <( ̄︶ ̄)> "come on, babe."
- Yamachan was like <( ̄^ ̄)> "my body is hot."
- Yuya was like  ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ "umm......."

hehehehe Yuya's expression here was like the opposite of Hika and Yamachan, instead of feeling excite about this, my attention dragged away by Yuya and LOL. 

And I read somewhere Yuya's suggesting that Hey!Say!BEST perform their new song "Speed it up" on DEAR Live Tour, topless.

You were all doubt about stripping yourself here... are you sure you want to go topless Yuya? 

My Random Drawing

I dont even know why I made this in the first place, oh wait I remember! I was in the middle of a meeting and got completely bored ^^;; so I start drawing secretly hehehe... 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Drawing my TinierMe avatar part 2

Still Tachon in her action outfit, ready to defend the helpless, am totally crazy about RPG ^^;;
I was enjoying that game so much I wish to meet my TinierMe friends again DX 
Still no color, even the original has long gone and I only have this scan hidden in my laptop. I hope you like it. "Tachon: Time to leave, my people needs me... DASH!!!"

Drawing my TinierMe avatar Part 1

Any of you ever played TinierMe? the game discontinued but it was a fun online social game. That was my character's avatar, Tachon and this is my drawing of my avatar, seriously I drew that, I love drawing, but still learning to coloring. I want to do manual coloring instead of computerized with Photoshop or paint but... still sucks at those both... even with all the tutorials all over the internet... still... sucks... *painful laugh


Credit to:

Aren't they adorable XD
I still remember seeing them as young boys dancing and bouncing at their seniors shows, the one caught my attention that time was Yabu kun and Hika that often appearing together and I thought they're going to be the next Tackey-Tsubasa :)
And then Yuto from one of KAT-TUN's live show, even back then he was already charming, Gyuuuuuuuuu~ !!!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Japanese Make up -Ganguro-

If you walk down in Tokyo, especially Shibuya and Ikebukuro district. You will find many people, girls and women mostly in the most unusual styles and make ups. the one I want to share with you now is what known as Ganguro. 

The Ganguro trend actually seen as a way rebelling againt 'traditional' Japanese beauty; pale skin, dark hair and neutural make up tone, by putting on layers of colorful make up, bleached hair, tanned skin and bold costumes. 

The trend started around 90s and reached the peak half of decade later. When young women wanted to imitate the look of popular singers at that time, specifically Ayumi Hamasaki. I remember her as my very first favorite japanese female singer, love, love her songs. And the first time ever I bought a Japanese CD Album <3

And did you know that #HeySayJUMP member ever tasted how does it feels to be a ganguro? in a Show Tittled : HeySay Time Jumper Date : 2014-11-29 the trio #中島裕翔 Yuti #有岡大貴 Daichan and #高木雄也 Yuya were sent to meet a group of Ganguro and get a make over. The whole transformation took an hour to finish. with colorful wigs, skin bronzer, enormous amount of make up. See what you think of their new look. Aren't they adorable hehehe.

Japanese Latte Art

I love Latte art!! first of all you know what Latte is, the name literally means stained milk. This refers to the method of preparation, wherein the milk is "stained" by the addition of espresso.Latte art first developed in Seattle, US, in 1980s and 90sLatte art developed independently in different countries. My first time experiencing and watching Latte Art in the making was in a place named Anomaly Cafe, and I think it was beautiful how the barista could create such an art just by pouring milk foam into the coffee. But Japanese barista take it to a whole new level where they make their art not only colorful but also 3D!! Look at how adorable that cat peeking from the cup, awww.... too cute!! feels like a sin to drink it LOL. A tourism web said there are 5 cafes in Tokyo to enjoy the original Latte Art. Not only the drink will warm you up but also make you smile :) make me wanna go there...

恋のシグナル -Aqua- Introduction

Koi no signal -aqua-

Koi no signal -Aqua- is one of Koi no signal series that me and my dear sister make as fanfiction to Jyanizu's boys.
The first Koi no signal was fanfiction for KAT-TUN and this one that came in two seasons are fanfiction for Hey!Say!JUMP members, yey!!

Title: 恋のシグナル -Aqua- #koinosignal
Season: 1
Author: and
Rating: PG-13
Type: 23 Chapters (post every Saturday) odd chapters +Blogger and even chapters 
Genre: Romance, angst, drama, hurt/comfort
Warning: lots of Grammatical errors since English is not our native language. Each members will most likely have several changes to the original characteristics.  
Disclaimer: We don't own any #HeySayJUMP members or Jyanizu boys, only the OC and plot of this story.
Summary: This is a friendship and love story in High School's life.

V6 20th Anniversary

Its late but, Happy 20th Anniversary to one of my Jyanizu favorite Boyband or Idol Group :)
V6!!! this year is the 20th year since your debut, amazing, amazing, amazing!
My first V6 VP was Ai no Melody and I still love that song even now along with Feel your Breeze and Sugar Nightmare XD
Their song has gone maturer, obviously some even feels like K-pop which is fine. But I still think happy and catchy melody fits their personality best. 
My favorite VP is Good Day, long ago I even remembered the dance move and dance along whenever I can, I used to be a dancer... just so you know hehehe.
I watched many of their videos and the one they spent their 10th anniversary in Hokkaido onsen was the best of all! oh I love that one too where they went to harvest some blueberry and everyone ended up "torturing" their leader, Sakamoto-san that has phobia to bugs LOL. Anyway what I love about them more than anyother Jyanizu well except maybe Hey!Say!JUMP hehehe, is that I love how friendly they are with each other, that family feeling radiating from them are so strong and I just enjoy that. Love, love them, I hope to see your 30th, 40th anniverary. bye!  

About Us

Hi there!!!

Admin here, well its been years since my last blogging.
Once I own a blog at Multiply account, sadly its closed now. Anyway my old and closed blog was I posted songs from V6, News, KAT-TUN, Chemitry, Hirai Ken, random posts about Jyanizu, anime and even quizes. It was such fun time, and I wish to have fun again here!  
if any of you happen to know that name or maybe even we were once friend in multiply lets be friend again, I sure miss all my multiply friends.

Basically this blog will be about sharing things that I love, you'll soon found out what those are hehehe.
And place to post my stories since I love writing and daydreaming, cross that together and you got me :P
so I hope someone out there enjoy the stories as much as I do.

Everything that I post I do my best to be made by myself, if it happens that you familiar with materials that I'm using, feel free to let me know who should I give credit to or ask me to remove it if the owner refuse to share it :) 

~and if you happens to use or take any materials or posts in this blog please let me know and proper credit will be appreciated.  

Let's start blogging!!